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We are the top Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi and provide visa documents &  assistance for students seeking study abroad and help students apply for overseas study opportunities.

Student visa means Students (Visitors intending to stay abroad) as the expansion itself says most of it, one must need to apply to the university and receive an offer letter and later pay the tuition fee and should convince the embassy that you have enough and more sufficient money to sustain for both abroad education and living in the country.
The fees vary depending on the country you wish to study and in most English speaking country you will have to write an IELTS test to prove that you can understand to read write and learn . this test is a must for all the english speaking country and some of the the European territories.

Visa Consultation

Visa Consultation

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Guidance for IELTS

VES assists you in scheduling the required tests, Filing application forms, scheduling the tests, giving the probable list of universities where the scores can be reported etc. VES provides imported study materials, CDs and computer-based tests to ensure that you get good scores.

Follow-up and Securing Admission

We do the necessary follow-up and secure admissions in the shortest possible time. VES’s success rate in admissions is 100%.

Visa Guidance

VES provides guidance in preparing your visa application and necessary documentation enabling you to put inconclusive proof in terms of establishing your academic genuineness, financial stability, and roots back to India. We have an unbeatable success rate of over 95% in securing student visas to even the toughest places in the world like the USA due to our systematic guidance and professional approach.

Application Processing

Assistance in preparing the application file and required documents such as transcripts, letter of recommendations, essays (Statement of Purpose) etc. is given on the basis of a successful strategy to maximize the chance of admissions.

Country/University and Course Selection

Taking into consideration your academic strengths and weaknesses, financial capabilities, subjects of interest, and future plans, GEC will help you in identifying the right course in the right college/university.

Bank Loan and Travel Arrangements

(Value Added Services)

VES assists you with educational loans, foreign exchange formalities, and even travel plans. We will coordinate airport-pick up and temporary accommodations if required.


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Value For Visa Categories

Our well-trained group of counselors will guide you to the right university and course abroad that completely suits your aptitude, interests, academic and financial background.


Our well-experienced documentation departments offer complete and hassle-free application procedures with the university and on-time follow-ups to get in connection with candidate and the university.


We arrange essential documents for the preparation of visa files. We make our students ready for their visa interview through mock interview sessions for a trouble-free visa processing.


We know how helpful it is to get help with a scholarship while pursuing a course aboard. Scholarships are given strictly on the basis of need and academic qualifications and these vary from country to country.


We offer free IELTS / PTE / TOEFL / Interview training for all the candidates who registered with us. We are working with international experts and certified language trainers.


We offer educational loan assistance linked with national and private banks/financiers to meet your university fee and living expenses abroad.

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Student Visas are often classified on the basis of two broad distinction points Student Visa Classification Based on Program’s Duration