Why Study Abroad in UK?

When the world markets opened up in the 19th century, so did their borders. With an excellent IT boom, education flaring and as people grew to be receptive well to the changing world, quality was weighed over quantity. And people began to migrate looking for it.

Now in the 21st century, there are a diversity of countries open for migration. Netherlands, Malta, Canada, Germany and UK being a few of them. While every country has put forth their best foot and presented packages to attract students and employees, one of the most sought-after options is still the United Kingdom.

The UK, with its Big Ben and the trademark gloom, is home to immigrants of different ethnicities forming harmonious communities where you can easily feel home and settled.

But other than the glam, why is UK so sought after?

The UK has an array of world- class educational institutions.  Thus, UK becomes a major attraction for every student planning for a quality education.

The educational system in UK presents to be more challenging and inspiring than a traditional one. With an abundance of notable and famous alumni, every university presents diversified disciplines.

The universities of Cambridge and Oxford, UCL and Imperial college are the world’s Top 4 institutions.

In the UK, a student develops practical knowledge and a space to weave their path resulting in personal and academic growth. As UK combines practical and theoretical knowledge effectively, your resume now holds more value. You are now presented as a highly efficient and potential candidate.

With the regular assessment of educational and teaching standards by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), improvisations are made regularly and the best education practices are identified.

Another major reason why UK is a sought-out academic destination for the young generation is the duration of its courses. The shorter courses present an opportunity to graduate sooner but with no compromise on quality. This is why a post-graduation course is best suited to be done in the UK, as most courses present a one-year duration, while an undergraduate program will be upto three years. This is a huge money and time saver.

In the UK, you will be surrounded by a population that is upto 14% diverse. This gives you a chance to step out of your comfort zones and branch out. Also, the cost of living varies in different cities and based on your lifestyle preferences, for example, cities like Londona and Brighton tends to be more expensive.

Many host countries provide the options to work while you learn. UK is no different. Even as a university student, you get opportunities to work among the academic community and in the outside as well, helping you make an extra income as well.

Health concerns pose a big question mark in any student’s life. But with the free medical treatment offered by National Health Service (NHS), every international student can avail healthcare benefits at small cost to the International Health Surcharge (IHS).

Students may receive chances to stay-back in the country for upto three- years after their course. The UK is ever more in need of highly skilled work force and puts forth handsome opportunities to build a good quality of life. In a few years or a minimum of five, they will also be able to request for a Permanent Residence, aka, an Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Why Study abroad is the best thing to do in 2023?

Are you a dreamer? Have you been dreaming of traveling to new cities and exploring the diversities across the world?  Here is an opportunity to start your dreams: Study Abroad!!

After the Covid induced lockdowns all travel restrictions have been lifted and why wait for more? Grab the best chance and opportunity to realize your dreams.

5 Reasons to study abroad:

  1. Realize your dreams of traveling: Studying abroad is an opportunity for you to travel across the world, be it any country you would be able to spend around two years there, experience the lifestyles and cuisines, and interact with other international students too.
  2. Become Self-Independent: In our Indian culture, we are more dependent on our family. And to come out of a cocoon we need a boost. Self-Independence doesn’t actually mean financial independence or stability. It’s more about your view of the world and how you can take decisions in your life and move forward with the struggles and hardships in your life. When you have to live on your own in another country you will be forced to come out of the cocoon and fly high like a butterfly.
  3. Improve your Communication: Studying abroad with international students, definitely, you will be able to improve your English and also pave way for you to learn other languages.
  4. Exciting Courses: You will be excited to choose from a wide variety of courses the Universities offer. Researching the different universities in other countries will help you realize that there are a lot of courses they offer that one may not find in his/her country. Be it bachelor’s courses or postgraduate courses study a course of your liking.
  5. Career Advancements: The career opportunities that you get after an international degree is more compared to the degree you have in your home country. You can choose from a range of career options inside your country and also in other countries. What you have to keep in mind is to take courses from recognized universities and also take courses that are internationally accredited.

Realize your dreams, travel, communicate, be independent, and be the person you wish to become. Have a happy study with Study Abroad Consultants.